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Installing Funnelll on Weebly in 5 Quick Steps

Work with your favorite site editors and Funnelll will help you integrate the services needed to acquire, engage, and convert customers; visually and in minutes. No Coding Required! The Weebly Story Back in 2006, three college buddies launched an online platform allowing users to create high-quality websites easily. The platform was named Weebly and it quickly became one of the best-known website builders boosting a user base of more than 30 million websites. It’s one of the most user-friendly, robust, and reliable website builders, and anyone can use it to launch a blog, online store, or personal website without writing a single line of code.

Weebly + Funnelll Weebly and Funnelll are a natural fit for startups and companies looking to build an online funnel. Funnelll allows you to visually add and setup tools that helps your Weebly website attract, engage and convert more customers. Here are the features every website should consider enabling on Day 1: Google Analytics and conversion t…
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Installing Funnelll on Squarespace (+ Bonus Google Analytics Installation!)

Work with your favorite site editors and Funnelll will help you set them up to track customer actions and conversions, make the data instantly available to Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn so you can run Ad campaigns optimized to drive conversions e.g. sales instead of visits and views. Campaigns optimized for conversion can give 10X the ROI of traditional campaigns. Squarespace Story: To Build a Better Website Back in his dorm room at the University of Maryland, Anthony Casalena was growing frustrated while creating a personal website for himself. There were very few options for people who wanted to build their own websites without coding and those that did exist, like GeoCities and Blogger, deeply bothered him with their negligence to style and design. Casalena, a self-taught programmer decided to build one. In 2004, he founded Squarespace, was its only employee till 2006 (when it reached $1M in revenue) and the rest, as they say, is history. Squarespace + Funnelll Squarespace and Fu…

Setup Google Analytics Conversion Tracking in under 5 minutes

Your hands can’t hit what your eyes can’t see 
—Mohamed Ali
In addition to being the greatest boxer of all time, Ali was also a marketing genius. The first step towards effective marketing is to get visibility; and this is where Google Analytics conversion tracking comes to play.
What is Conversion Tracking Conversion tracking shows you what percentage of your customers that end up taking a certain action, or set of actions, on your website pages e.g. % of customers who end up signing up, % who check your prices, % making a purchase, or filling a form to receive more information about your product. By tracking those actions, known as conversions, you will know how effective your pages are in driving customers through your funnel. Conversion data can also be shared with your Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) account to understand which Ads, Keywords, and campaigns bring you business so you can double down on effective ones and dial back on those not performing as well to boost your…

SaaS Sales 101: Understanding Your Sales Funnel and How To Tune It

After spending years as a technical consultant helping Fortune 500 companies design, build and run high performing and scale-able systems, I found that tuning a sales funnel is very similar to tuning an IT system. It all starts with visualizing the funnel starting from the top; where customers/requests are coming in, and working your way down stream all the way to the bottom (System of records aka DBs in technology and Sales in business). In my previous job, I helped take SaaS products from 0 to $1M in less than 3 quarters, and then many millions afterwards using the same techniques I successfully used doing performance tuning for IT systems. Welcome to lesson number 1, and the most important one; what is a sales funnel and how to tune it. What is a sales funnel?
A Sales funnel is a representation of the customer journey from discovering your service to making a purchase. This journey can be visualized in the form of a funnel divided into Top of the funnel (TOFL), Middle of funnel (MO…