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Jimdo Installation Instructions

 Installing Funnelll on Jimdo

In order to properly install Funnelll on Jimdo the first step is to createa Funnelll account or login, if you already signed up.

Connect your website to your Funnelll account, then copy the code provided after successfully linking your website.

Next, login into your Jimdo account. The Jimdo Dashboard will show displaying all your current websites. Select the website you wish to add Funnelll to by clicking on the editbutton. 

The interactive editor will then open. Click on Menu > Settings > Edit Head(the menu button is located on the top left corner of the page) 

Paste the code copied from your Funnelll account into the textbox and click save. 

Verify if the installation was succesfull back on your Funnelll account.

Now start enabling Apps & Integrations (i.e. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc). Congrats! You are now one step closer to reaching a custom tailored audience across all mediums!


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